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“How can we make a seasonal business impact our community and world for good long after the summer is over?”

This question has been at the heart behind the NATS projects. At NATS, we want to impact our community and world for God. Each year NATS donates $1 per acre towards a worthy non-profit organization.

Over the past several years, The Hope Venture has been able to improve individual lives in India through their partnership with NATS Detasseling.

Cynci Peterson founded The Hope Venture in Lincoln in 2009. After Cynci visited India multiple times, and had been praying over India for the last 20-plus years, she decided it was time to act. She stopped ignoring their needs and passionately explained that, “This (The Hope Venture) was my feeble attempt to respond to God and say, ‘Okay, I don’t know what I am doing,’ but I started exploring ideas. God blessed it and has been with us every step of the way. I met with people. I got advice. I even read Non-Profits for Dummies.”

The mission of The Hope Venture is to reach some of the most untouched areas of the world in India and parts of Africa. They bring a message of not only hope and Jesus, but of helping hands and feet willing to meet some of the most desperate needs in those regions.

The Hope Venture has been able to meet needs such as: food, schools, vocational training, goats & cow projects, rice grinders, child sponsorship and many others. NATS has had the opportunity to participate in many of those projects over the years.

From the beginning of the relationship between The Hope Venture and NATS in 2010, Cynci and Dawn have worked together to find projects that would change lives. While trying not to tear up, Cynci explained how Dawn came alongside the ministry early on. Even during times of doubt, Dawn never failed to believe in Cynci.

Cynci said, “She is not a sheet of paper or a dollar bill but she is a real person with struggles, joys, and victories… Dawn (also) has a real heart to help people and to help lead kids involved in NATS Detasseling to be people that care about something beyond themselves and to model that.”

Cynci reflects, “It has been her words over the years… yes, it is money but when she gave me that money it spoke of her trust in me… and even as time goes on and we get bigger it is still nice to have people come alongside you and saying what you are doing is good.”